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News and Deadlines

ACT Testing


Test Date             Registration Deadline              Late Registration                 Photo Upload

Sept. 9th                     Aug. 4th                               Aug. 5th-18th                     Sept lst

Oct. 28th                    Sept. 22nd                            Sept. 23rd-Oct 6th              Oct. 20th

Dec. 9th                      Nov. 3rd                               Nov. 4th-17th                      Dec. lst

Feb. 10th                    Jan. 12th                              Jan. 13th-19th                     Feb. 2nd

Apr. 14th                    March 9th                             March 10th-23rd                  April 6th

June 9th                     May 4th                                May 5th-18th                       June lst

July 14th                    June 15th                             June 16th-22nd                   July 6th


School code: 011-105

Test Center Code: 231-110


Senior Information



Education Corner - Education, Degrees and MoreHigher Education

College students and their immediate families enjoy many of the advantages of higher education. In fact, people from every demographic benefit from earning college degrees since their wages usually increase. College graduates usually earn about three fourths more than those with high school degrees throughout their careers. Workers with college degrees usually live above the poverty level and spend less time unemployed. Because of these benefits, obtaining a college degree is worth the expensive costs. Even though obtaining student loans should be a carefully considered decision, college graduates with debt usually obtain better paying jobs after graduating than they would after acquiring work experience following high school.

Since tax money supports public colleges and universities, members of society want to benefit from this investment of public funds. Not only do educated workers increase productivity, their higher salaries result in the generation of more municipal, state, and federal tax revenue. Likewise, low unemployment rates decrease the need for government assistance programs. Since college education benefits both individuals and society, it’s impossible to differentiate the benefits both groups enjoy. To illustrate, when employees are more productive at work, the entire company benefits, and job losses negatively affect individuals and society as a whole.

Besides the economic benefits, many intangible benefits enjoyed by individuals and society can be attributed to higher education. For example, since lower unemployment and higher wages are often attributed to higher education, problems associated with psychological health problems decrease. Likewise, college educated adults often participate in charity work and are less likely to engage in harmful behaviors, such as drug abuse and criminal activity. College educated adults also read to their children more often, which increases cognitive skills and prepares them for formal education. These are just a few of the intangible societal benefits related to higher education.



LBW Community College

Presidential Scholarship-Honors

Eligibility:  3.5 GPA

Presidential Scholarship-Scholastic

Eligibility:  3.0 GPA

Presidential Scholarship-Technical

Eligibility:  3.0 GPA and plans to enroll in a technical program of study

Deadline:  February 1

Ensemble Scholarships

Eligibility:  Audition for vocalist and instrumentalist

Auditions:  Vocalist March 30, Instrumentalist March 31

Ambassadors Scholarship

Eligibility: 3.5 GPA, active in school organizations, positive attitude, and ability to work 

                  with people

Deadline:  February 6


Troy University Scholarships

Academic & Leadership Scholarships:

Eligibility:  Unconditional admission to the university, 3.0 GPA, 22 ACT/1030 SAT

Deadline:  January 15

Alumni & Auxiliary Scholarships:

Eligibility:  Unconditional admission to the university, 3.0 GPA 

Deadline:  March 01


The Congress-Bundestag Vocational Exchange Program

Eligibility:  At least 18 but no older than 19 on July 1, minimum 3.0 GPA, ability to serve as an ambassador of the USA.

Deadline:  January 31

Application:  Counselor's office


Burger King Scholars Program

Eligibility:  Work part-time (15 hrs. per week), 2.5 GPA, Community service, financial need, enrollment in a two- or four-year college.

Deadline:  February 02

Application:  online at


KFC Colonel's Scholars

Eligibility:  GPA of 2.75, pursuing a bachelor's degree, and U.S. citizen.

Deadline:  February 10

Application:  online at


The National Co-Op Scholarship Program

Eligibility:  Admission to C. W. Post Campus of Long Island University, Johnson & Wales University, Northeastern University, Rochester Institute of Technology, University of Toledo, Drexel University, Kettering University, Pace University, University of Cincinnati, or Wentworth Institute of Technology.

Application:  online at


Troy University Dothan Campus

Eligibility:  Unconditional admission to Troy-Dothan campus

Deadline:  March 02,  preferably delivered in person to Diana Parker

Application:  in counselor's office


Wiregrass Electric Cooperative

Eligibility:  Parent or guardian must be a member-consumer of Wiregrass Electric. 

Application:  online at or in the counselor's office


Various other scholarships are available through,, and many others.  Click on links to go to the free application for federal student aid (FAFSA) and also to visit other sites of interest to seniors.

Helpful for all students:   access code: CYCALWQP